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American theme park food!

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Everything was big and good! The first thing we had were Chimichanga - kind of like a deep fried burrito. Then chilli lime corn and jumbo turkey legs. Geordie managed a whole leg by himself! An American small soda is the size of an Australian large and they are mostly free refills! Dinner was pizza and hotdogs at the ice hockey and then macca's for dessert- a real American junk food day.

Disneyland highlights were
- Big thunder mountain railroad which is a roller coaster ride
- Soaring over California which is a hang glider simulator
- California screaming which was a huge roller coaster mum and I didn't do but we could hear dad, Tom and Geordie screaming for miles!

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Like what seemed like a million other people, we decided to spend the day at Disneyland. Despite the fact that we probably picked the busiest day of the year to go and were still a bit jetlagged from the flight over, we had loads of fun and are looking forward to going back tomorrow.
It took a while to get our bearings due to the overwhelming mass of people, but once we did, we managed to find our way to a few of the rides that we wanted to go on, including the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Star Tours, which definitely lived up to expectations after being highy recommended by Chuck the shuttle driver.
After a few rides, lots of walking around and many complaints from a jetlagged Will, we caught the monorail down to Downtown Disney where we had Burritos for lunch. We also had a look in the Lego outlet and Will built a custom remote control car at Ride Makerz.
We decided to have a quick look at the Adventure Park before it got dark and managed to get passes to the World of Colours night show, as well as getting wet on the Grizzly River Whitewater Raft Run.
We then retreated back to our hotels for a well deserved rest before the World of Colours show, but we are definitely looking forward to another action packed day there tomorrow :)


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We made it!

All relatively drama free though Brigid almost managed to leave a back pack at the very first security check in Sydney! We had a couple of hours wait in Auckland and then 12 hours in a full plane to LA. Long haul flights lose their novelty very quickly!! So here we are in Anaheim, fed and watered and ready for bed - and it's only 7.30pm. Hopefully a good sleep tonight otherwise Disneyland will feel anything but the happiest place on earth!!

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Old News

The last few days at school for Will

Here's a few photos taken during Will's last few days at school. Such a busy week - the formal, the grade picnic, handing out of the year books, the school talent school (he and a friend played their acoustic guitars and sang "Why Georgia"- had a ball and were amongst the 12 who were all considered winners!) the school prizegiving and then the final graduation ceremony. Here's a pic of Will and friends at the formal - a lot of the boys decided to raise the standard of dress and all turned up in suits (Will included!). The theme for the night was Pirates of the Carribean, carrying on from their grades recent "Pirates of the Pinafore" production. The school hall had been decorated up and they all sat down to a formal dinner before spending the rest of the night dancing away! John, Tom, Geordie and I all came up in time for the last dance - a great finish to it all.
Will at his formal

Will at his formal

Earlier in the week we had Will's prizegiving and here's a pic of him with his school Sportsmanship shield and medal that he was awarded that day. He was also playing in the Jazz Band (just wonderful to listen to and see him involved in!) which is why he has his guitar slung over his shoulder!
Will at prizegiving

Will at prizegiving

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Christmas Day

We spent the morning here - big Christmas breakfast and lots of present opening (thank you all for your lovely pressies!) and then spent a wonderful afternoon over at our friends Chris and Ruth's. With their children, Chris's parents and Janice and James (I used to work with Janice and their son Liam is one of Tom's best friends) we numbered 18 for Christmas lunch. The boys had a great time in the pool and playing table tennis and basketball and we all finished the afternoon with a very funny few rounds of charades! We next see Chris and Ruth and family for a few days skiing at South Lake Tahoe - very exciting!

The boys at home on Christmas morning

The boys at home on Christmas morning

The kids Christmas Table

The kids Christmas Table

Kris Kringle time

Kris Kringle time

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