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All in one place again!

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John and Tom made it on the flight that got in at 6pm so we are once again all together! Everyone is pretty weary (we all started our shambles of a day at 5.30am) but we did manage a quick walk outside our hotel so saw the lights of Las Vegas for the first time. It's an amazing place and we all can't wait for a proper look around tomorrow!

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LA Shopping

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New Years Day started for me with an early morning trip to the laundromat whilst Brig and the boys enjoyed a sleep in of sorts. Just across the road, but having been chastised by family for jaywalking (Americans haven't learned how to yet) I clocked the extra 200m to use the nearest crossing. Haven't used a laundromat since England or Europe somewhere with mum circa 1971!
Our shopping day then started with me remembering to order a minivan this time - having had to squeeze 5 of us in to a cab yesterday am. Don't know what the fuss was about, I had plenty of room in the front. At least I got in to the right side, having startled cab drivers on the first two days.
One for the boys today, leaving Brig in the dust for purchases. Nothing major, but some clothes bargains here and there and Will maintaining the Sydney Bremners penchant for brightly coloured shoes.
We lunched at Farmers Markets, a fascinating collection of American style eating houses, majoring in meat, as most do. I'm not sure vegetables have made it over here yet.
Finished the day at Rodeo Drive where we got a glimpse of how the other half live. And not badly is the answer. A very enjoyable day, and an early start for Vegas tomorrow. Brig's planning faultless to date, and we are looking forward to seeing Sam on Thursday.

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Universal Studios

12 hours at Universal Studios!!
Here's a summary:-
Best Ride - Jurassic Park
Best Show - Waterworld
Best Food - shrimps at Bubba Gumps
Not a bad way to spend New Years Eve!

We started up at Universal Studios before 8.30 this morning and left pretty much 12 hours later - in between we all had a fantastic day. We'd bought front of the line passes which meant we spent the day doing every ride and show we could rather than queuing endlessly. The backlot tour took us through loads of tv and movie sets and included an amazing 3D experience where our truck was being tossed around in the middle of a battle between king kong and a T-Rex! We screamed ( well, I did anyway) our way through the house of horrors and the Simpsons roller coaster ride. The boys loved the Jurassic Park ride which finished with the boat dropping suddenly down a slope sending water splashing everywhere - including over them. We ended our day there with dinner in CityWalk at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co - a restaurant chain themed around the Forest Gump movie that serves the most amazing shrimp meals. So while we might not stay up to see the New Year in, it has been a pretty memorable New Years Eve!


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We made it up to our West Hollywood hotel this morning and have spent the afternoon walking around Hollywood and Vine streets doing the Hollywood walk of fame, catching glimpses of the Hollywood sign as we went. In between we managed to get lost on the back streets and are still marveling at how Hollywood seems to attract more than it's far share of weirdos!! Our hotel is in La Brea ave so we are just down from Hollywood Boulevard, so at least there's plenty to do within walking distance. Off to Universal Studios tomorrow - should be fun! Brigid 4UploadedFile2.jpg

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NHL time

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A quick cab ride to the Honda Centre and our first taste of NHL with the Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks. A great stadium, capacity crowd of 17,554, and a 5-2 win to the favored Canucks. Strangely, more Canucks fans than Ducks which I gather is a reflection of holidays and desire for Vancouverites (?!) to escape the rain. I had one sitting next to me helping with game tips! Special mention for the Perth Bremners who know a bit about the game: Sedin twins and Kesler dominating for Canucks, while Perry and Selanne for Ducks. (the latter 41 yrs old!) The night topped off with obligatry Sundae and coffee at Macca's and the promise of a sleep in for teenage boys. Off to Hollywood tomorrow...


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