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Last Day at Heavenly

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The last day's skiing behind us now, and agreeably no broken bones or major injuries! I was still sporting a few grazes and bruises from yesterday so took it very quietly, whilst the boys took it upon themselves to improve on their previous record of 180 degree twists. Tom lead the way and in somewhat spectacular fashion failed his attempt at a 360. He broke his ski but miraculously no bones. I stood on with very mixed fatherly emotions - admiring his considerable sense of adventure and bravery but with an almost equal measure of concern at the utter folly. The funniest part was his attempt to hide the agony as he lay sprawled immobile in the snow but with just enough energy to shout encouragement to Geordie for his attempt. Thankfully, Geordie summoned all the wisdom of his 15 yrs and decided discretion was the better part of valour, and so passed on the attempt. Anyway, nothing too serious, and there endith the days skiing.
It still amazes us that the skiing was as good as it was given the paucity of snow. Lake Tahoe really is a beautiful spot and we would all be back here in a flash but for that ever elusive winning lotto ticket.
We head off tomorrow for San Francisco - all of a 3 hr drive from here. Looking forward to the sights, a bit of Alcatraz, some clam chowder at Fishermans Wharf, and whatever else it has in store for us. I'm keen to replicate the car chase scene from Bullitt ( Steve McQueen to the unitiated) but not sure the Chevy will get air on even the streets of SF. Could be fun trying...

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Heavenly continues

At the beginning of skiing I could only snowplough but now I can parrallel turn and stop and while Tom and Geordie have been doing their 180 turns off jumps, I can now do normal jumps. My favorite run would have to be the California trail which is where you ski along a run from California to Nevada. The chairlifts are mostly 4 seaters and can often go for a long way. The view up there is amazing because you can see desert on one side and then Lake Tahoe on the other. When we were in Las Vegas Dad and I bought ski jackets. Mine is orange and it is apparently really easy to see me miles away on the ski runs!!

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Another Heavenly Day

Great weather one day, perfect the next! A bit of sleep in with an 8am breakfast and then up the mountain by soon after 9. Beautifully sunny all day - in fact Will and I had to disrobe ( not completely) at lunchtime, we were so hot. The two of us popped back to the apartment for lunch with Brig whilst Geord and Tom ate on the mountain and continued skiing. Will and I were back up there for the afternoon ( only a 10 min drive) to join the boys and Chris and Tom Q who are skiing with us. Ruth, Amy and Olivia had come back after the morning skiing.
Will has started to master parallel turns and G & T were mastering 180 twists off small ski jumps. I was just concentrating on looking cool - which if you have seen me ski you would appreciate is infinitely harder than 180 degree twists.
We are off to the local Curry House tonight with the Chris and family soon after the obligatory spa and Corona.
Brig clocked up a few miles checking out the local village this morning. In fact she walked to Nevada!
You might have gathered all is going swimmingly....
Thank you all for blog comments, we love reading them

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Skiing at Heavenly

A late blog tonight after another busy day. The ski lifts opened at 8.30am and we needed to get the boys hire gear sorted out before they could head off to the Nevada slope which was apparently the best for morning skiing. Not all that far away - just 10 minutes by car, though the California lifts are less than 5 mins. With the stateline passing right through south Lake Tahoe, part of Heavenly resort is in Nevada and part in California! Will is dying to find somewhere he can have one foot in each state!
The above photo was taken at the ski hire place and it certainly looks like there's a snow shortage and if it wasn't for Ruth and Chris reassuring us that the skiing on the open runs was great, we would have been pretty concerned. So while the locals are lamenting their worst season in 120 years, the boys are loving the really long ski runs and absolutely no queues at all! They had a fantastic time today and can't wait to get back up there tomorrow.
My day was filled with domestics - several loads of washing and shopping (loved the supermarket!) and I cooked my first meal in 2 weeks as Ruth & Chris and family joined us for dinner here. A good day for all!

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The Road to South Lake Tahoe

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Another early start this morning and we left Fresno in heavy fog for a full day of driving to get to South Lake Tahoe. Fortunately it cleared before too long as today's driving was mostly through mountain passes and state forests (no cruisey highway driving today!) so the scenery was beautiful. The most spectacular being when came across a huge fully frozen lake. It was just amazing. Yes - the temperature has definitely dropped since our earlier part of the holiday where it was up to 28 a few days we were in LA. Today the lowest we got to was minus 2 and the highest elevation we drove through was 8000 feet so some wonderful views at times.
We arrived in Sth Lake Tahoe at about 4pm and despite it being freezing cold, there's not a snowflake in sight! Their last snowfall was late Nov so the snowmakers have been working overtime. We met up with Ruth and Chris and their 3 kids almost straight away - our apartment (we have a small but great 3 bedroomed place that will be perfect for our time here) is just along from theirs so after the kids all had a warm up soak in the hot spa, we all had dinner together at their place. They have been to the same places as us so far but in a different order so we had great fun comparing notes.
So it's a ski day tomorrow - should be lots of fun. We're loving all the blog comments - keep them coming!!


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